Freitag, August 14, 2020
Season 7 Round 1

Finally the wait is over. Season 7 of the European GT Masters starts today.

Round 1 heads us to Dragon Trail Seaside. Staged in the Dalmatia region of Croatia in Eastern Europe, Dragon Trail is a road course surrounded by the azure blue Adriatic Sea and a steep mountainside. The track is triangular with 3 sharp points, with a rich variation of sections including ascents, descents, and a flat section along the seaside. The nature unique to the Dalmatia region with its jagged coastline, the variety of plant life such as olives, pine, and palm trees are another notable part of the track. The track does have 18 corners and a total length of 5.209m. It’s longest straight is 653m.

The car for this round is the Porsche 911 RSR GT3. We adjusted the BoP to 120% power and 90% weight. Drivers will be able to chose between soft, medium and hard tires.

Like last season there is a sprint and main race again. The sprint race will be 10 laps and the main race 32 laps.

For the very first time, the EGTM does not have two different leagues. There is only one league which is divided into two lobbys. Both will be streamed in parallel on tuesdays starting 21:00 UTC+2.

Lobby A stream by MINKIHL Mixer & Youtube

Lobby B stream by BloodyRain1984 Twitch & Mixer

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