Mittwoch, April 1, 2020

Finally – the EGTM Season 3 registration has started. We are proud to present you guys also our new Homepage. Few Parts are still under construction but in a few days the site will be 100% finished.

To sign up, just fill completely the form onm our registration site.
In section 2, you’ll have to make a car choice. Choice #1 being your favorite manufacturer for EGTM Season 3 and choice #7 being the manufacturer that you definitely don’t want to drive with.

Please fill this section consentiously.

Once the registrations are closed, you’ll be informed by the staff of your final car choice.
The staff can’t predict which car you’ll drive with before the deadline, it’s a complicated process and we have to wait for the registration to close before to start the car allocation process. So please be patient to know your car.

If you want to change your car choice, please fill a complete new form
We’ll keep the last form that you send, old form will be deleted
If you don’t remember your car choice and just want a confirmation, please contact any Discord administrator or moderator. We’ll answer to you privately.

The EGTM say good luck and a nice season 3!


Our Season 3 Schedule

Our Season 3 Schedule

25. Januar 2019
Registration currently closed
EGTM FPS Reglement

EGTM FPS Reglement

31. Januar 2019
EGTM Season 3 – Its almost done!


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