Sonntag, März 29, 2020

The Time has come – the EGTM Manufacturer Season Registration starts today (Friday 25.01) at 6pm (18:00) CET (Central European Time).

Secure your seat in one of our 7 Manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter which one of our Manufacturer you take, they are all within the 2-3 tents. Some cars are faster on narrow tracks but are this 2 tents slower on other tracks.

We tried to make a balanced season 3 – we tested alot the BoP (Balance of Power) which is tweak a bit to get the cars even closer on many tracks with open setups/tuning.

So if you are interested into the EGTM (European GT Masters) and you want to compete as driver and win one of our EGTM Trophies – do not miss the registration today at 18:00 CET here on our homepage and fill the season 3 registration form.

If there are still questions – join my discord and simply ask!


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