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Div.B Tokyo Report

written by mark_van_haze

pictures by The-Nameless-01

EGTM Season 3 Division B Round 3 Tokyo

Sprint race

It was round 3 and we were in Japan, land of the rising sun and apparently city courses with no room to spare. The Tokyo South Outer Loop Expressway in GTS proved to be a challenge for many drivers as it features next to zero out run areas, a chicane of death and a pitlane that is no where near the start/finish line.

 Grid line up

  1. Manuel5025
  2. The Nameless
  3. Grisu
  4. xRabauke
  5. mark van haze
  6. McMALAN
  7. RF Heinz
  8. Meisterbock
  9. Simbalora
  10. Ii_nookal
  11. Manu2011
  12. Batti7

From the qualifying it was clear that batti was in top shape on this difficult track and after a great qualifier, as per our rules at the EGTM, he got the last grid position. Was he going to fight his way back to the top? Strap in and read on.

A clean start saw all get through the first long combination of turns without any contact, everybody being fully aware of how little space they had to manoeuvre. Manuel got away well but was immediately under pressure of a certain red Ferrari / Lightning Mcqueen with Nameless going for the inside line on the hairpin and not quite managing to get the pass. Manuel then kept defending hard and managed to keep Nameless behind him as they finished lap one.

Things were not looking so good further down the track as markvanhaze was pushed into the barriers, causing him to do a 360 with plenty of damage to take to the pits. Similar fates awaited Meisterbock and Simbalora.

Meanwhile Nameless was still pressuring hard to get manuel but just could not make it on the long straight and this started to help Grisu to close the gap on the leading two. Nookal who had won the fanboost (again) was climbing steadily and managed to get onto 5th with RF Heinz on 4th being his next victim. But as much as Nameless tried, he could not make the pass and whats more, damaged his front spoiler before getting into the long straight. This opened the door for Grisu and he did a clean inside pass and entered the chicane of death in 2nd.

Lap 4 started with 2 Mercs leading and the pressure was now on manuel as RF Heinz was drafting on the long straight, looking for the right moment to make his move but Grisu was defending well and as much as the cars behind him tried to draft up to him, he kept his lead and entered lap 5 with the rest still behind his Merc.

And where was batti you might ask? Well he fought his way up to 4th, even passing the fanboosted nookal and looking to get one over RF Heinz next. That however took no effort as by the time they reached the hairpin, batti was already 3rd, hunting the next position.

So now the battle was on to get the best position for the long straight and before anybody could say “what was that?” batti took the lead and entered the chicane of death as the leader. Behind him, Manuel and Grisu were trading loads of paint, making sure that the outer wall gets a new graffiti. This left him in 5th, with nookal and RFHeinz getting to pass and follow Grisu in 2nd.

As batti passes through the hairpin, his lead was already over a second and he managed to drop a fast lap of 1:37.944. RFHeinz missed the brake point and went wide into the hairpin, immediately losing 2 positions ending in 4th. Grisu was giving it all and made a great pass, managing to get into 2nd as he entered the chicane.

By lap 7 things started to loosen up a bit further back, RFHeinz in 4th with a big gap on the battle for 2nd between Grisu and nookal. But then the chicane of death found its first victim as nookal hit the wall leaving him with loads of damage and was immediately passed by RFHeinz who took 3rd. With this the fanboost curse was proving to be true again and it was only a matter of time until MCMalan was going to catch up with nookal.

Meanwhile Simbalora coming fresh out of the repairshop managed to get a clean lap in and grabbed the fastest one of the race with 1:37.200.

Lap 8 saw a 7 second gap between batti and Grisu, proving that he does have alien blood in his veins. Nookal was still in 4th and although McMalan managed to close the gap a bit, a mistake in the hairpin sent him wide and opened the gap again. Further ahead, RFHeinz was sucking up to Grisu, slipstreaming him all the way through the chicane, pressuring Grisu all the way.

Final lap and coming out of the hairpin, McMalan took a wide line to maximise the run up for the straight and this trick did it. He passed nookal on the inside well before the end of the straight, taking 4th. But it aint over till its over and RFHeinz made a small error in the chicane, leaving McMalan to pass him just before crossing the finish line.

Sprint race results

  1. Batti
  2. Grisu
  3. McMalan
  4. RFHeinz
  5. Nookal
  6. Manuel5025
  7. Meisterbock
  8. The Nameless
  9. xRabauke
  10. Manu2011
  11. Simbalora
  12. Markvanhaze

Endurance race

Grid line up

  1. Batti7
  2. Simbalora
  3. Nookal
  4. RFHeinz
  5. Meisterbock
  6. Markvanhaze
  7. xRabauke
  8. McMalan
  9. Manu2011
  10. The Nameless
  11. Grisu

With Leetchee driving the safety car, the second attempt at the formation lap went through without issues (unlike the first attempt where some cars were damaged). Leetchee parked the safety car in the chicane of death and it was lights out and away we go!

Batti took a great start, followed by the two monkeyboys in their GTRs but after the hairpin things got shuffled up and SImbalora took 2nd with nookals BMW in 3rd, slipstreaming hard to compensate for the slightly slower car. Behind him on 4th was RFHeinz, Meisterbock 5th, markvanhaze 6th, manu2011 7th and xRabauke 8th. Nookal then slightly rubbed up to Simba who left his mark on the wall and gave nookal the pass into 2nd.

But nookal had his work cut out now, defending hard agains Simbalora Porsche, right up his tail. Meanwhile batti was doing a Valteri Bottas and cleared the whole pack with over 3.8 seconds as he crossed the line into lap 4.

At the hairpin Simba missed the brakepoint, punting nookal and RFHeinz immediately grabbed the opportunity and passed both into 2nd. This left Simba with a dented front spoiler and nookal had rear damage, giving both a big disadvantage early on in the race. This was getting even clearer as by lap 5 Meisterbock passed nookal into 3rd.

Coming down into the hairpin, markvanhaze was getting ready to get a good entry to the hairpin when a lag spike in the Playstation Network hit. This caused a collision between SImbalora and nookal, damaging them while markvanhaze took no damage as from his perspective, there was no contact at all. From there on, markvanhaze took 4th with Manu in 5th, McMalan in 6th, Grisu in 7th and Nameless in 8th.

Lap 6 was also the first pitstop for most drivers and that gave many the opportunity to get their repairs done. The order was shifted after that and for a while, Manu took the lead, batti in 2nd, Simbalora 3rd, Meisterbock 4th, markvanhaze 5th, RFHeinz 6th, manuel7th, McMalan 8th, Grisu 9th, Nameless 10th, xRabauke 11 and nookal last.

Meisterbock got a fast lap in with 1:37.546 and was looking to draft as much as possible to pressure Simbalora who in turn was pressuring Manu. That pressure was starting to affect Manu and going through the chicane of death, he managed to repaint the walls in red. Simbalora took that opportunity and launched into an incredible outside attack, drifting into T1 like he was competing for first prize in a Gymkhana competition. This gained him the upper hand and he entered the hairpin in 2nd.

Lap 9 Manu in 3rd was already 2.4 seconds behind Simbalora with Meisterbock right in his rear mirror. Behind them the gaps ware also all around the 1 second mark, with more battles for positions coming up. Meanwhile nookal was not giving up and was rolling through the field, passing Nameless and grabbing 10th. By lap 10 he was attacking Grisus Merc, with xRabauke drafting behind him like somebody following an Ambulance getting through a traffic jam. That jam opened up and by lap 11 he already got into 9th with xRabauke stuck to his tail in 10th and Grisu dropping into 11th.

Simbalora went for his final pitstop, getting fresh rubber and a half tank of gas, dropping him out of 2nd and putting Meisterbock into 2nd and markvanhaze in 3rd.

Lap 13 the Subway sandwich (markvanhaze) was making solid progress and managed to pass Meisterbock and grabbed 2nd, now only 7 seconds behind batti. Looks like fresh ingredients pay off after all! But batti was still doing solid 1:38s and even 1:37s, making it very difficult for markvanhaze to close up.

Meanwhile Manu went for his final pitstop, filling up completely and working his way up to Nameless who was 4.7 seconds ahead in 9th. At this point in the race, the different strategies were starting to show their results, and McMalan too entered for his pitstop in lap 16.

Batti was still leading but his tires were starting to melt away like cheese in a sandwich, and so the Subway Porsche in 2nd was making progress, reducing the gap to 6.7 seconds. But the Porsche was running on fumes and markvanhaze rolled into the pitstop with zero fuel left, followed by nookal and Meisterbock and xRabauke. Coming out of the pits Nameless got the lead over markvanhaze but as he was running on slightly used tires, racing into the chicane of death, the BLT sandwich got the better entry and leaves the chicane in 2nd.

Nameless crossed the line into lap 20 in 3rd, with Manu 4th, RFHeinz 5th. Meisterbock 6th, Simbalora 7th and McMalan 8th.  This lap saw even more pitstops, which put Manu in 3rd, rf-Heinz in 4th. Coming into lap 20, McMalan and Simbalora fought hard, driving through the first 4 turns side by side, not willing to lose even an inch. But Simbalora managed to keep the upper hand and cleared some space driving out of the hairpin in 6th.

Nookal on 9th was trying hard but he still had 3.2 seconds until getting near xRabauke in 8th with only 9 laps to go. Meanwhile Manu2011 was in 3rd and pushing his Ferrari hard, trying to get a bite of the sandwich ahead but he still had a 3.1 second gap, so it was not going to be a piece of cake for him either.

Lap 22 Simbalora caught up to Meisterbocks GTR and was running down the main straight side by side, taking the inside line and barged his way through entering the chicane in front as 5th. That battle continued though and Meisterbock kept his GTR close, rubbing bumpers as they ran into T1 but not making it stick, staying in 6th.

Meanwhile Batti was hunting for that extra point for fastest lap and managed to run a 1:37.532 and with his gap to markvanhaze at 17.5 seconds, he was also working hard on his Valteri Bottas imitation. But further back Simbalora on 5th was on fire and was not going to have any of it, dropping a blistering 1:37.464 and taking the fastest lap of the race. By lap 26 Simba was knocking on RFHeinz rear bumper, letting him know that he wanted his place. And indeed, Simbalora managed to grab his spot just before entering the chicane of death. But the chicane was looking for a new victim and Simbalora just missed a good exit, repainting the corner and got swiftly passed by RFHeinz.

Lap 27 nookal had only 2 seconds left to catch up to get 7th but time was running out as there were only 2 more laps left to go. Markvanhaze meanwhile settled for 2nd, feeling comfortable with his position, thinking about a  juicy 12” sub while Valteri Bottas was doing his best to get that fastest lap point but missed it with 1:37.488 being his best and only 0.022 seconds behind Simbaloras laptime.

Main race results

  1. Batti7
  2. Mark van haze
  3. Manu2011
  4. RF Heinz
  5. Simbalora
  6. Meisterbock
  7. xRabauke
  8. nookal
  9. McMalan
  10. The Nameless
  11. Manuel5025
  12. Grisu160583
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