Freitag, August 14, 2020

Pre Qualification


Driver who participated in EGT4M Season 2, have not to do the PQ again!

  • This Mode allows us, to split the Grid into 2 Divisions of Strengths.
  • THIS MODE IS NO DRIVER VS. DRIVER to seperate the drivers in 2 Divisions!!
  • Only 2 Drivers can drive their Pre Qualifying at the same time.
  • Format: Lobby starts -> Warmup (till the drivers are ready) or the Host tells that the warmup is over + following 9 lap Race
  • 30mn maximum planned for each Pre Qualifying Session
  • Lobbysettings are the same as the series settings except:
  • Tirewear: x3
  • Fuelusage: x4
  • Tires: Race Medium
  • BoP: on // Setup: fixed
  • Track: Red Bull Ring – Track Time(ingame): 15:15pm
  • Car & BoP: Alfa 4C GT4
  • Season 2 PreQualification Time/Result determined of the average lap time of the 4 best laps between lap 2-8.
  • leaving the track during the 8 lap race disqualifies the driver and he will be added to last position in the pre qualifying table
  • leaving the Lobby, disconnect for example, is not a problem if the driver can come back in time into the lobby, before his pre quali block ends!