Mittwoch, April 1, 2020
Pre-Season Races

It’s time to start your engines!!!

It’s been a long wait since the end of Season 2. And you have to wait a bit more until the registration Deadline. But don’t worry, you can race with the EGTM group for 4 races during 2 weeks!

Yes! We organize 4 pre-season races for your pleasure! Also, it gives the time for us to finalize the BoP, the lobby settings, the car allocation process, etc.

We’ll go to Germany for the first week with 2 races there. The 2 dates are February 5th and 7th at Nürburgring GP. We’ll run GT4 Class for the first race and GT3 class for the second race.

Then, we’ll move to Italy for the second week at the famous Autodromo di Monza. In the first race (February 12th) you’ll show you best GT3 machine and will follow the second race 2 days later in GT4 class.

The pre-season is a simple format of the series. It will consist of a simple Qualification process, then will follow an endurance race of 45mn lenght. We’ll change some lobby settings just for tests (tyre / fuel depletion, etc) and we’ll see what works best.

If you want to join the Pre-Seasons, you MUST be registered for the series. You can run with any car you want (as long as they are in our Manufacturer roster), you can run all 4 races if you wish. If you’re new to the EGTM series, we highly encourage you to take part in some (even all if you wish) of these races. You will calmly adapt to our regulations that way.

To join the Pre-Seasons, simply click here and fill the board with your Name and your car(s). Keep in mind that Lobby 1 will be possibly streamed on MINKIHL SIM RACING YouTube channel.


Season 3 – The Manufacturers
Car Allocation

Car Allocation

27. Januar 2019
EGTM FPS Reglement

EGTM FPS Reglement

31. Januar 2019


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