Mittwoch, April 1, 2020
New Season New Streamer

Season 3 is only 2 weeks away and we are proud to announce one of our new members in the big EGTM family. This time it’s not a driver or a additional staff member, we install finally a new streamer. Let me introduce him. Austin Smith (25), better known in the streaming scene as Badg3rman, has his streaming channel on Twitch and his channel is also called Badg3rman.  

In his private life he had already many jobs like programmer, DJ, Journalist, Social Media Manager, Commentator for Sports and Esports.

His streaming career started on Twitch in February 2017, but he worked also as Simracing Commentator since Mai 2008 (rFactor 1 & 2, Iracing and latest F1 2018). He was commentating for Racespot, European Racing League F1 2018, Apex Online Racing also F1 2018 and since August 2018 the EURLA (United European Rocket League Association). He is also Football Commentator for a Clubradio of the Football team SV Babelsber 03 since mid of July 2017.

Thats a bit of informations about our new streamer of the EGTM – he is going to commentate with me (MINKIHL) all Thursday Racing Events of the EGTM so I am looking forward to partner with him in our streams.

At the End a big welcome to our new streamer Badg3rman, welcome to our EGTM family!


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