In Season 7, we are going to stream again all races on MINKIHL’s MIXER and Bloodyrains1984 Twitch/MIXER Channel, therefore we have again some Livery restrictions.
On this page, we collect every Decal Template and informations on how to use them and where to put them on the car.

All Decals are added to the ingame GTS chronic of MINKIHL with following 3 hashtags -> #minkihl #egtm

  • Number Plates
    • The Number Plates have to be clearly visible on the left and right on the car.
    • The number font is freely selectable.

  • Rear Wing Template
    • Its possible ingame to change the colour of this decal so it fits to every backround colour
    • This decal has to be as big as the rear wing of the car and has to be clearly readable
    • ADD this Template to your GTS library -> Rear Wing Template
  • EGTM Logo Template
    • it has to be clearly visible on the car left/right/front
    • ADD this Template to your GTS library -> EGTM LOGO

  • MINKIHL (optional)
    • This is our EGTM Founder/Partner Template
    • it is free to use
    • There are 2 Versions, Version 1 white and Version 2 black
    • ADD this templates to your GTS library -> LINK Version 1 | Version 2

All EGTM Season 7 Templates below