Freitag, August 14, 2020
EGTM FPS Reglement

The EGTM Fair Play Scoreshort EGTM FPS, created to assure to most polite online environment in Gran Turismo Sport, makes its debut in EGTM starting from Season 3. Goal of this system is to classify all drivers not based on their speed but their fairness with the organization and other drivers inside and outside the track! Reaching highest fair-play score will allow drivers to be first in the manufacturer selection for the following upcoming seasons. Everyone will start on same level, then based on their behavior drivers will lose or gain points from first to last race of the season.

 -> The previous Season Champions of Division A & B have still the priority to choose their manufacturer first!

Base EGTM FPS Reglement:

Every driver starts at 100 points at the beginning of Season 3

  • Missing a race day without specifying motive: -15 points
  • Missing a race day (quali,sprint+main): -10 points
  • Missing 1 race: -5 points
  • Rage quitting: -5 points
  • Penalty received: -1 point
  • bad language in Lobby or Discord: -10 points
  • Race day completed: +5 points
  • Single race completed: +1 point

To check out the current EGTM FPS Standing -> follow this LINK

In this case we wish every EGTM Driver a good and fair season!


EGTM FPS Reglement

EGTM FPS Reglement

31. Januar 2019
Registration currently closed
Car Allocation

Car Allocation

27. Januar 2019
EGTM Season 3 – Its almost done!


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