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Div.B N24h Endurance Report

Report by mark_van_haze

Pictures by The-Nameless-01

EGTM Div B Nürburgring 24h

While I do like the GP track, the green hell of the Nordschleife is not on my personal favourites list. However, there are plenty of other EGTM drivers who thrive on this track making for a good endurance race.

Grid Line up

  1. Batti
  2. Nookal
  3. RFHeinz
  4. Simbalora
  5. Meisterbock
  6. Berthhouben
  7. Manu2011
  8. McMalan
  9. xRabauke
  10. Nameless
  11. Manuel5025
  12. AKMakko47
  13. Grisu

Things were off to a good start, batti clearing the field early on with a 1.5 second gap and most drivers got through without damage. But manuel was a unlucky, skipping on the grass in the early section of lap 1 and hitting the barrier hard. This left him with engine damage and a long drive to the pits.

Nookal was pressuring RFHeinz on 2nd position but missed a brake point, punting him hard and leaving both with aero damage as they entered the Karousell. This helped Simbalora to join up to the front, sucking up to nookals rear. A few turns later Nookal lost it again, this time ending up on the grass without added damage but dropping into 6th, 4 seconds behind Meisterbock in 5th.

Heinz and Nookal both decide to stay outside of the pit as they enter into lap 2, taking the aero damage into the next lap. Meanwhile Manu lost it on turn 1 and went too wide, slipping into 5th.

Starting lap 2 the order was batti in the lead, RFHeinz 2nd, Simbalora 3rd, Meisterbock 4th, Manu 5th, nookal 6th, berthouben 7th and Grisu 8th. Going towards Kesselchen, Simbalora managed to squeeze his Porsche past RFHeinz into 2nd, leaving the Monkeyboys behind him. And while Heinz was still driving with front aero damage, he managed to hold his position up until the final straight, letting his teammate to pass into 3rd.

Lap 3 saw Manu pit to sort out the aero and suspension damage, dropping down the grid into 8th while batti was laying down a fast lap of 8:16.305 and had a solid lead of 11.7 seconds over Simbalora. Same lap, AKMakko ended up spinning near Hatzenbach, leaving him with rear aero and suspension damage, just after having refuelled. Further up Berthouben slipped, damaging pretty much everything besides the engine and dropped into 9th.

Meanwhile Nookal has been pushing hard to regain his position and managed to get into 5th, with only a second behind RFHeinz, looking to make a pass on the final straight.

Berthoubens bad luck continued though, and after another spin he netted engine damage too.

End of lap 3 most come in for a pitstop except for Meisterbock who managed his fuel well and was trying the harder pitstop strategy, just as xRabauke.

At this point of the race, things were looking good for Meisterbock but then disaster struck. He missed the pit entry and tried to reverse into the pit. This however was patched a while back in GTS and so he immediately was punished to run as last and on top had an empty tank. Shortly after that he dropped out as it was pointless to continue crawling with an empty tank to the pit.

With this the new order saw batti in the lead, Simbalora 2nd and nookal 3rd. Manu 4th, RFHeinz 5th, xRabauke 6th, Grisu 7th and McMalan 8th. Batti was leading with only 2.1 seconds over Simbalora but then the next gap was 16 seconds to nookal in 3rd and Manu was 22 seconds down in 4th.

Lap 6 started with nookal working hard to climb the ranks and in the process made a fast one of 8:15.950 which he then beat on the next lap with 8:14.326. The result of flying that quickly through the green hell was that by lap 7, nookal managed to pass into 2nd, leaving Simbalora in 3rd, followed by RFHeinz and then xRabauke in 5th.

End of lap 7, batti and nookal enter the pits for their final stop and Simbalora managed to do the undercut, leading with a 2.3 second gap over batti. By lap 9 the gap between Simbalora and batti was growing to 5 seconds and battis lead over nookal went down to 8.7 seconds. But Simbalora still had a pitstop ahead and since his lead was not enough to keep the lead, batti and nookal pass him. At this point batti was in the lead again, followed by nookal in 2nd and 16 seconds down was Simbalora.

Final lap and nookal managed to shrink the gap down to 2.3 seconds but just could not make it into battis slipstream on the final and with that batti wins the endurance race with a great second place for nookal and 3rd for Simbalora.

Final Standings

  1. Batti
  2. Nookal
  3. Simbalora
  4. RF Heinz
  5. xRabauke
  6. Manu
  7. McMalan
  8. Berthouben
  9. Grisu
  10. Nameless
  11. AKMakko
  12. Meisterbock
  13. Manuel
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