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Div.B Catalunya Report

EGTM Season 3 Round 2 Div B Catalunya Race Report

written by mark_van_haze

pictures by The-Nameless-01

Sprint Race

Round 2 of season 3 took place in Catalunya and once again EGTM was showing some great driving and the evolution of some Div B drivers into members of the Alien race.

grid line up

  1. Manu2011
  2. xRabauke
  3. manuel5025
  4. Grisu160583
  5. The Nameless
  6. LoneSurvivor
  7. Marcelpocki
  8. Berthouben89
  9. AKMakki47
  10. RF-Heinz
  11. Mark van haze
  12. Meisterbock
  13. Batti7
  14. Simbalora
  15. Nookal

A clean start put Manu in the lead but soon after there was a paint trade between Marcelpocki and batti, causing him to push Meisterbock into the gravel. By the time lap one was done, Manu was 1.8 seconds ahead while Grisu got a great exit onto the straight and passed into 2nd.

Lap 3 the gaps widened and Manu was out ahead while manuel managed to pass Grisu and grabbed 2nd. This battle gave Lonesurvivor the advantage and he was now sniffing Grisus exhaust fumes, pressuring him to get passed. By the time they reached Europcar, manuels slow pace caused quite bunch up, closing the gaps between 3 cars behind him.

By lap 4 Lonesurvivor managed to pass Grisu and went straight for the attack onto manuel as they entered turn 1. Grisu saw his chance to get towed and stuck with Lonesurvivor to grab 3rd, leaving manuel on 4th.

Racing into Repsol, the alien known as batti7, who was driving with additional success ballast, was already climbing the grid and grabbed 6th with only 0.4 seconds behind his next prey, xRabauke. Manu2011 was still way ahead with a 7 second lead and also the fastest lap with 1:45.730.

Lap 6 sees manuel struggling more, slipping down into 8th while further ahead on 5th, xRabauke was pushing a bit too hard and netting a cut penalty. Still, he was not disheartened by this and kept pushing for Grisus 4th position. By that point batti was already in 3rd with 2nd position just in his sight.

Crossing the line into lap 8, batti only had 1.3 seconds to cover before pulling up to Lonesurvivors bumper. Simbalora in 6th had a nice battle with RF-Heinz, defending his position like a champ.

And so the final lap began, with manuel just under 7 seconds ahead of the pack, batti was now only 0.7 seconds behind Lonesurvivor and dropped a 1:44.982 fast lap. Racing into la Caixa, Grisu gets a great inside line and squeezes past xRabauke into 4th.

sprint race results

  1. Manu2011
  2. LoneSurvivor
  3. Batti7
  4. Grisu
  5. xRabauke
  6. Simbalora
  7. RF Heinz
  8. Manuel5025
  9. The Nameless
  10. Meisterbock
  11. Mark van haze
  12. Nookal
  13. Berthouben89
  14. Marcelpocki

Main Race

grid line up

  1. Batti7
  2. Manu2011
  3. RF Heinz
  4. Lonesurvivor
  5. Nookal
  6. Berthouben
  7. Meisterbock
  8. Mark van haze
  9. xRabauke
  10. Simbalora
  11. Manuel5025
  12. The Namless
  13. Grisu
  14. AKMakko47
  15. Marcelpocki

Lights out and after a great formation lap lead by batti, the race was on. Manu immediately went for an attack on T1 but to no avail. Batti held the lead while RFHeinz and Lonesurvivor were pushing hard, fighting for an early position, leaving RFHeinz in 4th.

Meisterbock was closing in on nookal who was battling with the success ballast but coming into La Caixa, mark van haze missed the brake point and punted Meisterbock into the red runoff area. Luckily there was little damage and sticking to the GT rules, I (mark van haze) slowed down, let Meisterbock pass so as not to gain a position through the accident. I learnt my lesson from the previous race 😉

Only a few turns later, racing down the starting straight, mark van haze went for the inside line and managed a clean overtake, grabbing 6th. At the same time, RFHeinz was not letting up and managed to pass Lonesurvivor into 3rd, only to lose it again a few corners down, to Lonesurvivor.

All this fighting gave nookal in 5th a chance to catch up and pressure RFHeinz just about held his position as they crossed into lap 5.

As its often the case, when two battle, a third will join from behind and the battle for 6th between Meisterbock and mark van haze gave berthouben a chance to join in, only split seconds behind Meisterbock. Further back the battle for points was glowing red as Grisu managed to gain position and grab 10th while passing manuel who coming out of turn Seat was keeping the trackside tidy by trimming the inside lawn.

Aliens, aliens everywhere. Div B? Pfff! Batti dropped a FL with 1:44.364, pushing into lap 6 with a nearly empty tank, followed by Manu and RF Heinz, nookal in 4th, mark van haze 5th, berthouben 6th, manuel 7th and AKMakko 8th. Others were pitting, refuelling and getting fresh tires. This was for most the first of two stops although Catalunya could be done with hard rubber and a single stop so unlike F1, at EGTM strategies play an important role in getting a podium finish.

And so Lonesurvivor went for the undercut and by lap 7 he grabbed 3rd, with a 3 second gap to batti in 2nd and leading was Manu with another 3.5 seconds gap. RFHeinz in 4th with nookal in 5th, Simbalora pushing his Porsche in 6th and mark van haze who finished his MCDonalds cheeseburger in the pits was now behind him in 7th. In 8th was Meisterbock with a 1.2 second gap to 7th, followed by Grisu 9th and berthouben 10th.

Crossing over the line into lap 9, RFHeinz went wide out of the last turn and gave Lonesurvivor the opportunity he needed to get into 3rd. Meanwhile Manu2011 gap was shrinking quickly as batti was not letting up and working his way to the front.  On 6th and 7th the two Porsche were fighting hard, Meisterbock was hoping to steal some fries from mark van haze but the defence was hard and by lap 11 he was still only smelling deep fat fryer fumes.

Lap 12 Manu only had a 1 second lead over batti so the Alien was getting closer, even with the success ballast, not slowing down by much. 3rd was 5.5 seconds down with Lonesurvivor fighting off another Alien, nookal who even with success ballast was pushing the Beamer hard.

Lap 13 Simbalora was pressured by the MCDonalds Porsche and managed to pass him, leaving Meisterbock to deal with Simbalora. And deal he did, coming out of La Caixa, Meisterbock passed Simbalora and continued his hunt for fries in 7th.

Lap 14 starts with Manu pitting, changing the order of the grid with batti in the lead, Lonesurvivor in 2nd, nookal 3rd, RFHeinz 4th, mark van haze 5th, Meisterbock 6th, Manu2011 7th, Grisu 8th and berthouben 9th.

By lap 16 more drivers were pitting and that shifted the line up again, with Manu2001 now in 2nd, Lonesurvivor in 3rd, nookal in 4th, RFHeinz in 5th, berthouben 6th, mark van haze in 7th, Meisterbock 8th, Simbalora 9th, xRabauke 10th, Grisu 11th, Marcelpocki 12th, Nameless 13th and AKMakko 14th.

By lap 17 Manu was leading over Lonesurvivor with 5 seconds but he was not safe yet and nookal was also close on him. In lap 18 Meisterbock finally got his opportunity to pass the lagging cheeseburger and got the inside line on T1, taking 7th.

The fight now was on for 6th and lap 19 Meisterbock got a clean pass on berthouben, taking mark van haze with him which left berthouben in 8th. The same lap batti went for his final lap and with a 30 second lead he was not going to lose his lead and came out 8 seconds ahead of Manu2011. Lonesurvivor was getting closer, not letting up on Manu, probably because nookal was chasing him just as hard for a podium finish.

By lap 21 nookal went for his first attack, racing down the straight side by side with Lonesurvivors BMW but the extra success ballast was not making it easy and the defence was good. This was also opening a chance for RFHeinz who now was only 0.9 seconds behind.

Lap 22 nookal had trouble keeping the pressure on and 2 turns before the line, RFHeinz left nookal behind, taking 4th. Just before the start line, Nameless was struggling with the spent rubber and started slipping as he came out of the final turn, ending up 180 degrees to the rest of the field. Luckily, Marcelpocki managed to pass him without a collision, taking 12th.

And so the final seconds of the race were ticking down with Simbalora managing to grab another position as mark van haze was truggling to keep the pace with his slightly damaged Porsche. At the front batti was leading with 16 seconds and after lapping a back marker, his Audi crosses the line to grab the win in Catalunya.

main race result

  1. Batti7
  2. Manu2011
  3. LoneSurvivor
  4. RFHeinz
  5. Nookal
  6. Meisterbock
  7. Simbalora
  8. Mark van haze
  9. Berthouben
  10. xRabauke
  11. Grisu
  12. Marcelpocki
  13. AKMAkko47
  14. The Nameless



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