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Div.A Toyko Report

EGTM DIV A Round 3 Tokyo

Sprint Race

It was race day for the alien division in Tokyo and qualifying was already showing the difference between Div A and B, with IPsyko doing a 1:36.948 and kicking off the super pole which he then won too with a blistering 1:36.676.

Grid line up

  1. MagicWorld
  2. Berthouben
  3. Kalam
  4. APMeister
  5. Leetchee
  6. Deruige
  7. Bedstedfar Boy
  8. CastorTroy
  9. VP Cobra
  10. IPsyko
  11. VP Markolah

A cramped start but without any damage kicked the sprint race off and right away, APMeister got a good start and slotted himself into 3rd. Down into the hairpin all went without incidents but then the real battle started, everybody slipstreaming and trying to get a pass before the next turn. IPSyko got the best line through there and slipped into 3rd with the fanboosted deruige right behind as they run into the chicane of death. Racing down the finish straight, Magic, APMeister and IPsyjo were 3 wide with deruige trying to wedge his Audi in between as they slammed their brakes going into T1.

There just was no space to waste, lots of paint was left on the walls but somehow most got away without damage. The field stayed super tight and the fighting in the back meant that Magic could open up a 4 second gap to get away from the rabid bunch behind him. Marcolah took the opportunity to slipstream himself into 9th before crossing into lap 3 while having to deal with a laggy Bedstedfarboy in 8th.

But deruige struggled to gain anymore as he was having to deal with front and rear aero damage, neutralizing his fanboost and losing a position to Cobra. Cobra had a 1.5 second gap to the 3rd IPSyko but deruige was not easy to shake, using every bit of slipstream he could.

By lap 6 Marcolah somehow managed to get past Bedstedfarboy but the damage was done, a massive gap ahead of him to gainuntil he could get to the 4th, Cobra. Ahead APMeister could not shake IPSyko who was glued to his rear like a bad smell and dropped a fast lap of 1:36.816.

But wait, did I just count out top alien Marcolah? Big mistake! By lap 8 he passed Cobra who struggled with damage, putting the top Alien into 4th. Finally in lap 9 IPSyko managed to get past APMeister but with 4.3 seconds, Magic was safe to carry this win home.

Sprint Race Results

  1. MagicWorld
  2. IPSyko
  3. APMeister
  4. Marcolah
  5. Cobra
  6. Deruige
  7. Berthouben
  8. Leetchee
  9. Bedstedfarboz
  10. Kalam
  11. Castortroy

Main Race

Grid line up

  1. IPSyko
  2. Deruige
  3. CastorTroy
  4. Marcolah
  5. MagicWorld
  6. APMeister
  7. VP Cobra
  8. Berthouben
  9. Bedstedfarboy
  10. Leetchee
  11. Kalam719

After the safety car piloted by The Nameless moves out to the chicane of death, the race was on and as the aliens started to slide through the first combination of turns, deruige realised that he forgot to turn off his fanboost and decided to leave the race immediately as it would have been a disqualification either way. By lap 3 CastorTroy was already 1.5 seconds behind IPSyko while being pressured by Marcolah who was inspecting the interior of Castors exhaust pipe.

Lap 4 and IPSyko got to show what an alien laptime looks like with a smoking 1:37.017. Meanwhile Cobra and Berthouben went into the pits sorting out some repairs and putting them into the back of the pack. Through lap 5 Marcolah and CastorTroy were keeping a close relationship, possibly with Marcolah trying not to battle Troy so they could stop losing time together and gain more on the leading Merc. However, Troy just was not fast enough for Marcolah so a change of order put him into 2nd, officially starting the hunt for the leading IPSyko.

But that was going to be an incredible uphill battle because by lap 6 Giovanni scorches a fast one with 1:36.939, looking for that extra FL point and sending a sign to the top alien behind him.  That lap everybody hits the pits except for Marcolah, trying to get an advantage with a lighter car due running on fuel fumes. After that lap he entered the pit but by the time he gets out he just slotted into 2nd, and although gaining a bit on IPSyko, Leetchee started to push from behind and that battle cost them both, with Marcolah holding his second slot by lap 8 but with a gap of 4.5 seconds to IPSyko.

Further back Magic was pressuring Leetchee and behind both was APMeister, looking to be the lucky 3rd in the battle. In the hairpin Magic did a clean inside line overtake but did not get a great exit and Leetchee slipstreamed all the way to the chicane of death and yet could not gain the position.

Lap 10 Magic kept the throttle on 110% and coming out of the tunnel, attacked Castor Troy as they race into the chicane of death with Castor taking the inside line and then mid chicane closing the door on Magic which caused Magic to punt him into the barrier, finishing Castors chance for a podium finish. Magic took front aero damage but managed to keep pressing on in 4th, with Leetchee pulling a fast pass into 3rd.

But Magic was getting out of the tunnel at top speed, managed to get grip even on the outside on the ensuing turn and passed back into 3rd.

In front Marcolah still had a 6 second lead over Magic and 4.7 seconds to the leading Mercedes, both running solid 1:37 laps.

Lap 13 APMeister made a slick pass through the 3rd turn, taking 5th but not being able to shake Leetchees Ferarri yet. Lap 14 started with both side by side in the S turn but Leetchee just could not get the same grip and went for a pit stop to refuel and get fresh rubber.

After that pitstop lap 15 Magic was 3rd, APMeister 4th, Bedstedfarboy 5th, Cobra 6th, kalam 7th and berthouben 8th. APMeister was also closing his gap to Magic, with 1.6 seconds separating him from a podium spot. Having Magic in view also seemed to fuel his fire and his lap time was dropping into the low 1:37s.

Lap 17 saw the last pitstop for pretty much everybody in the race, shuffling the order only for a short while, with Magic staying out and temporarily getting some winner air but going for the pitstop in lap 19.

Coming out of the pits, all seemed back to normal, IPSyko on top, Marcolah 2nd but Magic managed to regain a good 3 seconds with his late pitstop, trying hard to give Marcolah a run for his money.

13 Seconds down in 4th was Leetchee, with only a second ahead of APMeister, but the Ferarri was struggling to keep the lead and by lap 20 APMeister was just ahead of Leetchee. Leetchee was not going to give in though, stayed glued on the BMW and in doing so, missed the braking point for the S turn, hitting contacting APMeister and causing rear damage for him and front damage for Leetchee.

This forced both into the pits, and Castortroy together with Bedstedfarboy happily took the freebie , occupying 4th and 5th respectively.

Lap 22 Magicworld only had a 2.3 second gap to Marcolah, making everybody wonder what he had for breakfast or whether Marcolah was asleep on the wheel with 1:38 lap times. Lap 23 the gap was down to 1.4 seconds, the Porsche getting larger and larger in Marcolahs rear view mirror. Crossing the line into lap 25, Magic did another flying lap of 1:37.230, closing the gap further to under a second.

Meanwhile, out of seemingly nowhere, APMeister who was trundling along in 5th, made an incredible fast lap of 1:36.891, stretching out to get that sweet extra point.

 By lap 26 Magic entered the hairpin on the inside and side by side with Marcolah. But the GTR clawed its way out of the turn, taking the lead keeping Magic behind him. Magic on the other hand was not ready to overtake yet, slipstreaming without pressing until lap 27, where Magic sucks up to the GTR and makes the pass stick, grabbing 2nd in front of Marcolah.

The pressure was now on Magic. I mean he now had the top Alien Marcolah in his rear, who would not get nervous with that and only 2 laps left?! But Magic did not need to worry because Marcolah was changing plans! Realising that he would not make 2nd, he slowed down to let CastorTroy pass him and so he finished the race in 4th which in turn meant that he would be starting round 4 without any success ballast. What a sneaky move!

Main Race final result

  1. IPSyko
  2. MagicWorld
  3. CastorTroy
  4. Marcolah
  5. APMeister
  6. Bedstedfarboy
  7. Cobra
  8. Kalam
  9. Leetchee
  10. Berthouben


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