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Div.A N24h Endurance Report

Report by mark_van_haze

Pictures by The-Nameless-01

EGTM Season 3 Division A Endurance at N24h

Endurance Race

Welcome to the Green Hell a.k.a. Nürburg Schleife. Arguably the most difficult and for me personally hated track of the season. Over 8 minutes per lap, hardly any possibilities to overtake and the option to push 4 or 3 laps per tank – who was going to take this one home?

Grid Line Up

  1. Marcolah
  2. IPSyko
  3. Deruige
  4. CastorTroy
  5. AP Meister
  6. Cobra
  7. MagicWorld
  8. Bedstedfar Boy
  9. Leetchee
  10. Kalam719

Things got off heated with deruige squeezing through as IPSyko went a bit wide on the entrance of the Schleife. CastorTroy ended up on the lawn, luckily only damaging the front spoiler but he rejoined the group as last.

Marcolah was getting away from the field early on, with a 3 second lead over deruige but before deruige had a chance to catch up, IPSyko managed to quickly pass deruige and then try to regain his lost time on Marcolah.

Coming into the Karousell, BedstedfarBoy took the name a bit too literally and did a nice spin, dropping him into 9th.

Coming into lap 2, Cobra managed to take a pass on the outside, leaving deruige in 3rd, with APMeister glued to his rear in 5th. But deruige was not giving in quickly and a small mistake by Cobra was enough for deruige to pass him and get back in 3rd. The midfield of 3rd to 6th was also where the closest racing took place, all within 1 second. But the pressure was eventually getting to deruige and coming down to Bergwerk he slipped out into the grass, slamming into the barrier and damaging his spoilers and suspensions.

Meanwhile APMeister took the opportunity to attack Cobra on the straight and made it stick, getting into 3rd.

Lap 3 Marcolah was 4.3 seconds ahead of IPSyko with a solid lead. Further down the field, Cobra was struggling to keep up and APmeister was all over him, looking for an opening. It did not take long, and the Porsche managed to get past, making the best of Cobras error, missing an apex and just barely holding the car on the track.

By the end of lap 3 it was time to fill up. Bedstedfar and CastorTroy came in first, swapping onto mediums. Castor however managed to get a one over and came out of the pits ahead of Bedstedfarboy.

Lap 4 saw Leetchee who was untouched in 6th  just getting onto the grass, spinning and hitting a barrier, leaving him with suspension and front spoiler damage. Meanwhile deruige got disconnected, leaving the race entirely and the same lap Cobra hit grass and parked his car with engine damage.

End of lap 4, Marcolah and IPSyko come into the pits, with the rest of the field following them too but then disaster struck again, with IPSyko disconnecting from the race.

And so with this many dropping out, Bedstadfarboy climbed into 4th with Leetchee in 5th, Castortroy 6th and kalam 7th. But Castortroy was cloding in on Leetchee very quickly and on entrance to the Schleife managed to grab 5th, leaving Leecthee in 6th.

Marcolah dropped a fast lap of 8:10.409 gunning for that extra point while Magic who was in 3rd, unfortunately picked up some front damage, losing lots of time on APMeister and opening the gap to over 20 seconds. And by lap 5 its 29 seconds at which point Magic finally got into the pits which also gave Bedstedfarboy the advantage, grabbing 3rd, just ahead of Magic in 4th. But Magic was all over him and the pressure was on Bedstedfarboy to keep him at bay. On the straights the Audi managed to pull away but the Porsche did have the better brakes, making for a close fight. But then Magics Pokemon Porsche got a great exit and passed entering the Karousell in 3rd.

Lap 6 the gap between APMeister and Marcolah was shrinking to 14 seconds but not because of Marcolah dragging his feet but because APMeister was driving a fantastic race. But before anybody had a chance to appreciate that, Marcolah beat his own fast lap with an incredible 8:08.415.

Meanwhile Bedstedfarboy had to pit again with rear damage, dropping him into 5th, with 31 seconds behind Castortroy in 4th. Leetchee who went for a pitstop never came out again, cursing the PS Network all the way to the next race.

A pitstop later, Bedstedfar climbed into 4th again by staying out in lap 8, leaving Castor in 5th. Cobra passed back into 6th, with kalam in 7th.

Lap 9 APMeister was comfortable in 2nd with a minute lead over Magic and holding a 20 second gap to top alien Marcolah, driving a great race.

Bedstedfar just manages to roll into the pit with 1 percent of fuel left and that dropped him into 5th with 18 seconds behind Castortroy in 4th. Lap 9 sees kalam pitting, to clear some damage and get fresh rubber, dropping him into last.

Lap 10 finishes with Marcolah doing another incredible fast lap of 8:07.443 with APMeister trying his best to grab that extra point but missing the fast lap by only .2 of a second.

Magic ends that lap with a pitstop just to sort out repairs and lost a bit of time, however kept his position comfortably in 3rd.

And so the race concludes with Marcolah crossing the line after over 90 minutes of incredible racing.

Final Result

  1. Marcolah
  2. APMeister
  3. Magic
  4. Castortroy
  5. Bedstedfarboy
  6. Cobra
  7. Kalam
  8. Leetchee

(DNF: IPsykoZz, Deruige)


REGISTRATION announcement for Season 3
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EGTM FPS Reglement

31. Januar 2019
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Car Allocation

27. Januar 2019


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