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Div.A Catalunya Report

written by mark_van_haze

pictures by The-Nameless-01

EGTM Season 3 Division A Round 2 Catalunya


grid line up

After an exciting superpole in which one of the top Aliens CastorTroy managed the miracle of doing a 1:44.051 laptime with a 0.4 second !penalty! which he just nonchalantly cleared as he was braking for the next turn, we were ready for a great sprint race. Unfortunately we had a few Aliens missing this race, so McMalan from Div B, jumped in to fill the grid.

  1. CrazyJohn
  2. MagicWorld
  3. Bedstedfar_Boy
  4. McMalan
  5. Ap-Meister
  6. MBR Castor Troy
  7. VP Cobra
  8. Leetchee
  9. Nookal
  10. Deruige
  11. IPsyko
  12. VP Marcolah

Lights out and all looked good for Bedstedfar who grabbed 2nd straight away while Magic ended up in the gravelpit. Psyko climbed into 6th and immediately put Cobra under solid pressure. Racing over the line towards turn 1, Cobra tried defending but Psyko was not playing and took the outside line and passed him to get 6th. But Cobra was not done yet and 3 turns down managed to pass him again, leaving IPsyko in a VP sandwich.

Ending lap 2, Castortroy got a great exit, sucking up to Bedstedfar and taking the inside line to grab 2nd as he flew into T1. Just behind, Cobra regained his position and squeezed in front of the AMG, taking 4th. By the time the pack of wolves hit La Caixa, top Alien Marcolah got the better line after IPSyko went a bit wide in Campsa and grabbed 5th. This opened the view for deruiges TT who now was tapping IPSyko on the shoulder with a 0.4 second gap.

Lap 5 started with Crazyjohn going wide out of the last turn and raised hopes for Bedstedfar, slowly closing the gap but still staying in solid 2nd. Meanwhile IPSyko and and Cobra were fighting so hard that it was a miracle nobody ended up with damage. However, by the time they got to La Caixa, deruige managed to get out ahead, grabbing 6th and leaving the AMG behind him. The same turn saw Marcolah take the position from Castortroy, now gunning for a top podium finish.

With only 1 second between 2nd and Marcolah and 4 laps left, the pressure was immense on Bedstedfar to finally get passed the mad Greek. Deruige and IPSyko were constantly fighting, with loads of position swaps which ended in APMeister getting the advantage and sliding past deruige into 7th.

Before getting to La Caixa, Bedstedfar finally got his relief and put Crazyjohn between himself and Marcolah. Marcolah only trailed by 0.4 seconds so he only needed one good exit and yes, of course, before T1 he already passed Crazyjohn and was in 2nd with only 0.9 seconds behind Bedstedfar. Call the ALIEN POLICE!

Castortroy saw his opportunity after that pass and got one over Crazyjohn as well, climbing into 3rd. Lap 8 and Marcolah was still hunting for 1st. The gap was down to 0.6 seconds while a second behind we saw Castortroy followed by CrazyJohn and Cobra in 5th. Giovanni managed to in front of APMeister again grabbing 6th and deruige was now on 8th.

But coming out of New Holland and racing down the start straight, Bedstedfar was not getting nervous and held his gap, just outside of the slipstream for Marcolah. Meanwhile the last opportunity to gain a position, la Caixa, IPSyko gets a great inside line and gets into 5th, leaving Cobra in 6th. And so the sprint race ends with Bedstefar crossing the line with a 0.3 second lead over Marcolah – a well deserved win.

sprint race result

  1. Bedstedfar Boy
  2. Marcolah
  3. Castortroy
  4. CrazyJohn
  5. IPSyko
  6. Cobra
  7. APMeister
  8. Deruige
  9. Nookal
  10. McMalan
  11. Leetchee


grid line up

  1. Marcolah
  2. IPSyko
  3. Deruige
  4. Castortroy
  5. Cobra
  6. APMeister
  7. CrazyJohn
  8. Bedstedfar
  9. Leetchee
  10. Nookal
  11. McMalan

After a solid safety lap with the Nameless driving the safety car, the race was on and although everybody knows you cant win the race in lap 1, that did not seem to matter as the pack was pushing hard in double rows through the first few turns. APMeister got a bit wild and ended up losing 2 positions but luckily no damage anywhere.

But it was going to be the match of the Aliens as by lap 3, IPSyko chasing Marcolah, opened a 1.6 second gap to Cobra in 3rd with deruige right up his tail pipe. But there was not space to spare behind the ex Div B driver either, with CrazyJohn and Castor only a bumpers length away. By La Caixa deruige loses his potion only to regain it again over Cobra – neither was giving an inch.

By lap 5, we had 0.5 seconds between IPSyko and Marcolah, but it was not changing. It seemed as if IPSyko was keeping his distance, possibly letting Marcolah speed along to not lose time on a battle as they both were not that far from deruige in 3rd. On the other hand, IPSyko also drives best when he has someone to catch up to while Marcolah tends to look a bit too often in his rearview mirror, when he knows that Giovanni is close.

That was not to say they were slow, as IPSyko grabbed a fast lap with 1:44.283. By lap 7, everybody went in for their pitstop. IPSyko came out first with half a tank while Marcolah went for a different strategy and filled 2/3 of a tank, coming out in 5th. This put deruige and his Audi in 2nd, APMeister 3rd and Bedstedfar 4th.

But no worries, top Alien Marcolah immediately took this opportunity to drop a 1:44.084 on fresh rubber, with only 0.6 seconds before knocking on Bedstedfars bumper. Racing down the finish straight, Marcolah grabbed the inside line and smoothly passed up into 4th.

By lap 11 Marcolah already caught up to APMeister and was only 0.2 seconds behind, pressuring  APMeister. That pressure was too much and in a similar pass to Bedstedfar, he took the inside line and passed into 3rd.

Meanwhile deruige in 2nd was trailing by 2.5 seconds on the leading AMG and equally had 2.5 seconds behind him. By lap 14 APMeister went for a refuel, followed by Magic. Crazyjohn joined the party and used the opportunity to fix some frontal aero damage. Unfortunately, deruige had some unwanted contact after battling Cobra which left him with frontal damage plus dropping into 5th as he was going into the pits. This was of course great news for Bedstedfar who now got into 3rd with only 5 seconds behind Marcolah. Things were looking great for him but then disaster struck as he came swerving out of the Europcar turn and managed to spin out, luckily without and damage.

Coming out of their final pitstop, Marcolah pulled a clever one as he didn’t have to pit as early as IPSyko and yet went for it to get the jump on Giovanni. That way he just managed to get ahead of IPSyko, taking 4th and 5th respectively. But this was not the end yet as IPSyko got the inside line on the straight of lap 17 and grabbed the lead over Marcolah again. Meanwhile Castortroy was still 7 seconds ahead in 2nd and 7 seconds further up was the leader Cobra, both on slightly spent tires. With 7 laps to go, even at the slower pace that the leading two had, it was going to be only a close fight for 2nd, Cobra seemed to be safe.

Further back the battle was not quite as hard but Bedstedfar managed to climb into 6th, followed by nookal in 7th, Leetchee in 8th and a second down deruige in 9th. Crazyjohn was on 10th and Magic on 11th.

Lap 20 and IPSyko was flying behind Marcolah with a very low 1:44 lap time, looking ahead to be ready for the Castortroy catch up but then coming down into the Seat turn, his right rear tire lost grip on the track boundary and for once Giovanni could not make his magic work, losing the rear of the AMG and slamming into the opposite pit wall, netting him engine damage. By the time lap 21 started, Marcolah was sucking up to his teammate and without any trouble Castor let Marcolah pass because his tires were done as he was running a single pitstop strategy.

Lap 23 started with APMeister trying hard to hold on to his 4th position because Bedstedfar was getting larger in his rear view mirror. As that lap ended, it was also deruige who was making pressure on Leetchee with only 0.6 seconds between them.

And so the final lap was on with a strong final push from Bedstedfar but it was not enough and so the race ended with Cobra on a single stop strategy, getting the win in Catalunya.

main race results

  1. Cobra
  2. Marcolah
  3. Castotroy
  4. APMeister
  5. Bedstedfar boy
  6. Leetchee
  7. Deruige
  8. CrazyJohn
  9. IPSyko
  10. Nookal
  11. MagicWorld
  12. McMalan

Round 2 RELIVE with MINKIHL and Badg3rman


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